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Water Treatment Technologies

QTEC Technology is the authorized distributor of De Nora providing high-end products in water technology field.

De Nora Water Technologies provides a range of safe, innovative & sustainable disinfection and filtration technologies and aftersales support services for water and wastewater treatment in the global energy, marine, municipal and industrial markets.

Proprietary technologies and brands include:

BALPURE® seawater electrochlorination ballast water management system
SEACLOR®, SANILEC® and CECHLO®-M seawater electrochlorination systems
OMNIPURE™ and MARINER OMNIPURE® electrochemical marine sanitation Systems
ClorTec® and CECHLO®-NS Brine electrochlorination systems
CECHLO®-MS and CECHLO®-IS membrane brine systems
Capital Controls® gas feed disinfection systems
TETRA™ potable water, biologica
UAT™ membrane filtration